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Let us deal with the infrastructure–so you can just #BUIDL.


Why connect your project to the Ethereum blockchain with Rivet? Rivet deals with Geth—so you can just #BUIDL. Rivet is a drop-in replacement for previous-generation services like Infura or Alchemy. All accounts get 500k RPC, free. When you grow to need more, you’ll pay just $1 for every 100k requests you use.

And thanks to Rivet's breakthrough streaming replication technology delivers scale on demand. So go ahead—simplify your code and query more. No caps. No throttling. No kidding. What’s more—we won’t willingly share your data or your customers’ data with 3rd parties. Read it in our privacy policy—and our codebase—because everything we build is open source.

OpenRelay Orderbook

OpenRelay Ordebook is a highly customizable order book infrastructure offered as a service to developers building Dapps that need to trustlessly exchange tokens between two wallets without taking custody of their users' assets–in short, DEX-infrastructure as a service.

AirDrop Services

We developed the Embiggen Airdrop dApp to enable users to claim Embiggen, and in the process we turned the traditional Airdrop on its head. Want to do your own Airdrop, but not sure where to get started? OpenRelay can help!

Screenside Chats

Sometimes everyone needs to learn a little bit to get started, and with OpenRelay Screenside Chats, you can learn all about OpenRelay, Ethereum, smart contracts and more from the mind behind OpenRelay. We host a session most Thursdays starting at 9:30 Eastern (U.S.), so join us and learn how to #BUIDL something!

Affiliate Program

The OpenRelay Affiliate Program incentivizes developers to create dApps with OpenRelay. How, you might ask? It's simple: sign up, and we share 80% of transaction fees generated by orders your users create! Redeem fees whenever you want, with no minimums and without sharing boatloads of personal data (we only ask for an account address and a name we can reference you by; it can be anything). It's just one more way we can help make OpenRelay the place to be for #BUIDLers.

Custom Wizardry

Want to do something big? Find the edge of the map? Slay dragons? It would be our honor to be your weapon of choice. If you manage to make us gasp at your audacity, we're already in!

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To find out more about OpenRelay and what we do, please don’t hesitate to contact us.