OpenRelay (the software) is an open order book built on a powerful open source microservice architecture that makes finding orders and filling them via the 0x Protocol fast and efficient at any scale. Because it's open source, you can stand up your own instance and independently operate a relay tailored to your specific needs. Want to see how it works? Check it out on Github!


A set of CLI tools for interacting with OpenRelay (and other 0x relayers) at scale. Make orders, sign hashes, and more! Available in Linux or Mac flavors.


NotCoin is an ERC20 token that enables "one-sided" exchanges. If you want to use an exchange contract to offer a token (such as Embiggen) without asking for a different token in return, NotCoin gets the job done.


Fling is a dApp for sending tokens to a lot of different addresses at once in just two transactions. The smart contract powering Fling was originally created to help us prepare for the Embiggen Airdrop, but after others expressed interest in a GUI-driven interface to the contract's functionality, we created the Fling dApp. More a love letter to the Ethereum community than a product, Fling demonstrates what is possible when clever smart contracts meet easy-to-use interfaces. (Also, it has a pretty sweet trebuchet graphic.)

Affiliate Portal

The OpenRelay Affiliate Portal dApp is a GUI-driven gateway that developers can use to 1) sign up for the OpenRelay Affiliates Program, and 2) view and redeem fees shared when affiliate-created dApps generate fees (we share 80% of fees generated by affiliates, with affiliates). The dApp allows developers to sign up, and then once they do, provides a dashboard interface to view and redeem fees. Simple, no?

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